Get Creative With Saving and Earning

When people think of earning more money or saving money, they usually think in terms of the tried and true – they imagine putting aside a few dollars into a savings account and taking on some overtime work. However, there are plenty of creative ways to improve your savings and earnings, have a little fun, and even get your finances on track faster:

1) Rent your home or part of your home. If you don’t want a tenant or roommate, rent your home on vacations for a little extra cash. No home to rent? Rent your parking space. In urban areas, your parking space can be worth a nice little extra cash each month while you’re at work.

2) Deposit spare change and small bills. At the end of each day, empty out your pockets into a savings account. You’ll be amazed how quickly this adds up.

3) Recycle bottles and cans. Recycling can net you a few hundred extra dollars a year and is great for the environment.

4) What can you sell online? There is likely something. You can sell crafts you make, the stuff you no longer need, even your time as a tutor.

5) Have garage sales. Anything you don’t need or want anymore can earn you cash and will make your home look better.

6) Help someone and earn. Teach English or a skill you have and you could make $20 or $30 an hour a few hours a week.

7) Use coupons and combine rebates with coupons or visit stores that double up your savings. Clipping can save you hundreds of dollars on your groceries a month, especially when you visit stores that double your coupon savings.

8) Seriously consider drastic moves – roommates and getting rid of a car. If you don’t absolutely need a car for work (because you can take transit), consider ditching it. An older car can cost thousands in repairs each year (not to mention insurance and gas) and funneling this towards personal loans can get you debt free fast. If that’s not an option, consider a roommate for a temporary time. It can save you hundreds of dollars.

9) Take on one odd job a month. Distributing leaflets, doing some handy work – a few hours a month can bring in hundreds of extra dollars a year.

10) Give to science. Medical researchers often pay people to take part in clinical trials and some clinics pay for blood donations.

11) Sign up for mystery shopping and focus groups. Make sure you sign with an agency that is free to join.

Be sure to check out our savings guide for more creative tips.

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